Normand Goyette

Founder & Associate Optician

As a prescription optician, Normand Goyette spent more than 20 years on the road offering a home eyewear sales service before founding Lunettes Dépôt. You can meet Mr. Goyette in one of our branches, as he is still active in the company and loves to walk through his eyewear stores in Greater Montreal. He will be very happy to be able to “sting” you a little jasette, while adjusting your pair of glasses.

Steve Lacourse

General Manager & Partner

Steve Lacourse first joined the company as Inventory Manager. Now General Manager at Lunettes Dépôt, Mr. Lacourse continues his studies simultaneously to become a prescription optician and continue the family tradition. You will be able to meet him at the company’s head office in Saint-Jérôme, always ready to meet the needs of our customers.

Johannie Leclerc

Associate Optometrist & Responsible for the Optometry Section

Dr. Johannie Leclerc graduated from the Université de Montréal in 2008. She joined The Ranks of Lunettes Dépôt in 2018. After a few months with the company as an optometrist, she wanted to get more involved and develop the optometry component. With the confidence of the managers, she was able to raise the standards of the optometric practice of Lunettes Dépôt to the same rank as the largest eyewear chains in Quebec.

Our Optometrists

  • Dre Paula Rouhana OD
  • Dr Nesrin Kutaich OD
  • Dr Daniel Nguyen OD
  • Dre Johannie Leclerc OD
  • Dr Idir Lamouchi OD
  • Dre Lynda Camille Gagnon OD
  • Dre Nasrin Bayat OD
  • Dr Maroua Bousalhih OD
  • Dre Ela Abdherraman OD
  • Dr Hany Abdou OD
  • Dre Julie Rouillard OD
  • Dr Étienne Gauvin OD

Our Opticians

  • Normand Goyette OOD
  • Anne-Julie Tremblay OOD
  • Stéphanie Lepage OOD
  • Marie-Noëlle Chartrand OOD
  • Vicky Robitaille OOD
  • Michel Ste-Marie OOD
  • Darith Rodriguez OOD
  • Annie Laliberté OOD
  • Jean-Christian Barrière OOD
  • Normand Sauvé OOD